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August 07, 2012



Greetings from Billings, Mt. Here are five reasons people want to work for us:

1) Yes, you do get your birthday, or another day that month off as a paid bonus day. Our owner is considering changing that policy. I hope that as a result of the Contrarian, that he will rethink this benefit.

2) Because we belong to a co-op, the owner runs the business, and along with our management team, makes the decisions. We don’t have to call back to Chicago to get approval to try new things.

3) We get to live in Montana!! When I’m having an average day, and somebody says “How’s it going”, I always try to answer “It’s another day in paradise” to remind myself what a great area we live and work in!

4) There are promotion opportunities for bright and ambitious people. One of our high school sweep boys went on to become a store manager before moving on to a computer company in an IT role, and one of our PT cashiers is now an assistant manager at a store, and on the career ladder.

5) Instead of a summer picnic, where people have to bring a dish, and somebody has to cook, we host everybody in the organization, and their families for a night of minor league baseball with the Billings Mustangs. They have a special area for groups, all the food and non-alcoholic refreshments are provided by the team, and if you don’t like baseball, you can sit in the shade on a beautiful summer Montana evening and just visit and enjoy the company! Also a great way for associates who work at different branches to meet and get to know each other.

We have a lot more reasons to work for us, including the chance to do community service, membership paid to service clubs, Fourth of July parade float (Second place in the best float contest, for filling up 10 thirty two gallon trash cans with water, and squirting the crowd with water on a 99 degree afternoon), and the fact that one of my cashiers also holds the position of “Vice President in charge of fun and parties”

The bottom line is, if it isn’t fun, what’s the point!

Jim Lee
Kings Ace Hardware

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