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August 24, 2010


I LOVE the greeting people in a nontraditional way suggestion. I think Mardi Gras beads and Elvis are the most engaging scenario because the experience stays with you for at least as long as you're in the store. Verbal greetings don't have as much staying power.

The Tweet and Like event suggestion is just okay. There's no way to really guarantee an interesting Tweet. A recommendation that is little more than, "I like this store" is fairly useless (kind of like what you see in many blog comments). If this is going to be done, the store computer jockey should recommend putting the comment in context. Even, "This store has the friendliest cat you've ever seen. They rock!" at least says something useful to potential customers.

Thanks for your thoughts Chris. The goal of the event was to get connected with the customer on Twitter and Facebook, and if you can get an interesting Tweet all the better!

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