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    As the former director of retail for Bose Corporation and an independent retailer himself, Doug has the unique experience and ability to help companies of all sizes.


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August 04, 2010


Hello Doug, I like receiving your newsletter, there are many very good ideas.

In this list there is missing (what I consider) one of the most important "obstacles" to selling more.

"The eyes of a shopper are always bigger than the contents of their wallet".

Most shoppers have a problem in working out how to pay for their purchase, if a sales person can help the shopper decide how to pay for their desires, then the sale will progress a lot faster. This assistance can be in the form of a suggestion ... "by paying on your credit card you have 30 days of free credit", "do you have the system of paying in quotas on your credit card", "I can hold this item for 24 hours if you do not have the cash with you right now". There are many other possible ideas.



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