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April 15, 2010


Great article, as always! I spent all day trying to learn four things about each person that came in, other than what they were looking for.

Thank you Candace for taking the time to share your experience. I know when you combine that extra information with the customers needs you cant help but deliver a better experience AND increase your sale. Thanks again. Doug

We make a point to be conversational with our customers (if they are so inclined, some are not). It helps to have a friendly shop cat that greets people in the doorway, always a conversation starter.
My only worry is that we sometimes talk "too much" and distract the customer from their original purpose, shopping in our store.
That said, most people who do engage in a longer conversation leave with a good feeling about us and the shop. Many tell us this just as they are leaving, so that is rewarding in itself. They had a good experience, even if they didn't buy this time around. Hopefully the good Karma will come back to us and they will buy or recommend us to 2,4 or 10 friends :)

Thanks for your insights Angela. We have a client who also thought his team was talking too much. So what Dave did was start working with his staff to engage with purpose. Making sure every conversation was leading to a point where the employee knew more about the customer and the customer knew more about the products and store. Having a goal in mind in every conversation can improve the ROI on the conversation. Thanks! - Doug

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